News Synchronization


How do you adapt science and evidence to the reality of living Lives?

Dr Michael Ryan, Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme 24-04-2020

Through a bidirectional digital interface

This answer to Dr. Ryans formulation is hence our mission statement
  • We refer to an interface which adapts to an individuals ‘reality’ to allow entertainment and education to their preferences
  • Which makes visible (transparent) and understandable (traced) all processes behind data producation and abstraction into human natural language (news)
  • For news we claim the necessity of source-based content production to allow scientific and personal investigation and evaluation, supported by community and expert commentary of underlying inference and history of particular news entries

Content design

For the time being please refer to Culture.Stream for outlines of future content for this domain.

Interface design

Is described in detail via Boot.Science and Flow.Surf by 2021. Until then please consider to support our origin project at Interlink.World (see below).